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Code of Conduct

Town of Oxford Parks and Recreation

Town of Oxford Parks and Recreation Code of Conduct (this was composed and adopted by all participating youth leagues in conjunction with Oxford Parks and Recreation)
To League Participants and their Parents: You have signed up to participate in an Oxford Youth Sports League. Please note that the league has adopted this code of acceptable conduct in an effort to maintain an effective, safe and enjoyable atmosphere for everyone involved. After reading the information below, please sign and return this form to the team coach. 1. It is unacceptable for any individual to ever strike, shove, threaten to strike, or lay a hand upon or threaten to do physical harm to any official, coach/manager, player or spectator. 2. It is unacceptable to engage in an abusive, verbal attack upon any official or individual on or off of the contest area. 3. The only person allowed to question an officials' call is the coach/manager. All others are to abide by the officials' decision. 4. Good sportsmanship is vital. Demonstrations of unsportsmanlike temper tantrums, the throwing of equipment or other such forceful action will not be tolerated. 5. No one benefits from trash talking; taunting, profane, obscene or vulgar language, so it will not be tolerated under any circumstances, on or off the contest area. 6. Everyone benefits from positive reinforcement. Rather than criticizing a player for making a mistake – encourage the player by cheering the positives. A player already knows when they’ve done something wrong. No one has the right to berate that player. Allow the coach/manager to deal with it in a positive manner. Youth recreational sports programs are supposed to be educational, developmental, competitive and most importantly – fun! They should be fun for the whole family. This Code is intended to heighten awareness of the player’s right to a stress free environment to best enjoy and benefit from their athletic experience. Any violation of the above referenced Code of Conduct will be addressed by the affected league and could result in whatever form of discipline deemed necessary by that league.
To play the game is great……….to love the game is greater!

Revised 12/5/2017