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Kirk's Pond


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Kirk's Pond in the Fall

Facility Information

Route 67
Oxford, CT 06478

General Information
Kirk's Pond, located on Route 67 near the Town Hall, is available for fishing and ice-skating. Check the sign at the pond to see if there is "NO SKATING ALLOWED”.  Skating is allowed only when the ice measures at least 4-6 inches thick in all spots.  If the sign says "No Skating", police will be checking the area and will remove anyone attempting to skate on the unsafe surface. Also, please do not throw objects like stones and branches onto the ice to test its status. Those objects freeze into the surface and make it very unsafe.  Any objects left on the ice, e.g.: hockey goals, sticks, etc will be removed and discarded.  
Please contact the Parks and Rec director, Kyra Nesteriak, with any questions.  (203) 828-6506 or email: parkandrec@oxford-ct.gov

Kirk's Pond Fishing Rules
Kirk's Pond is designated as a fishing pond for CHILDREN only - up to the age of 15. When you leave, please be sure to remove all hooks and tackle from the area to protect wildlife from potential injury.

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